What does a tiger urine smell like?

  • 老虎記憶力非凡


  • Tigers Have an Amazing Short Term Memory

Tigers’ memory is just awesome. Imagine, tigers in general, have been found to have a better memory for several hundred times better than humans, primates, and other animals. Their memory can last about thirty times longer than humans’, and of course, they remember more and do not easily forget things.

Well, if only we have it, then say goodbye to the bad marks in school, because what we study last night, all of them are in the brain.

  • 每隻老虎的斑紋獨一無二


  • Tiger Stripes are Unique

Each of humans fingerprint is different. Every little smudge singles of us out as distinct individuals among billions of other human beings. Even identical twins boast different fingerprints.

This also happens with the tigers. Each tiger has their own unique pattern of stripes. The stripes are also well printed in their skin. If you have a chance to shave all the fur, you will still be able to see its stripes on their skin.

  • 老虎彬彬有禮


  • Tigers Are Generous and Nicer Than Lions

Unlike lions and other cats whose leader (male) take the first bite of the meal, the tigers will generously let the female and cubs eat first.

We know that every cat has their own territory and feel so possessive about it. Some will fight to the death over a kill to protect it, just like what lions do. However, this is not going to happen with the tigers. When another tiger crosses paths while hunting, they often share the meal together.

  • 老虎的尿,聞起來像奶油爆米花



  • Tiger’s Urine Smells Like Buttered Popcorn

If you have had yourself watching National Geographic Channel, you may realize that most of the cat family will mark their territory with urine to warn off others.

This also happens to the tigers. But one that makes them different is that their urine are actually smell of buttered popcorn. Hmm… yummy, right? Yuck.

  • 老虎有最明亮的眼睛


  • Tigers Have Eyes With Round Pupils

Unlike domestic cats which are nocturnal, tigers are actually crepuscular which hunt primarily in the morning and evening. Well, if you have cats in your home, then you might know how they become more active in the night and spend most of their time lying on the sofa/carpet during the day.

  • 老虎只有在呼氣時,才會發出呼嚕聲


  • Tigers Cannot Purr

If a cat purrs, it makes a soft low sound in its throat to show that it is pleased. But this won’t happen to the tigers which are unable to purr. So instead, they show their happiness by squinting or closing their eyes.