What do goldfish symbolize?

  • They Don’t Need a Lot of Food

These little critters are actually quite sustainable. They can go for more than three weeks without food! How’s that for a fun goldfish fact? Talk about survival of the fittest, they are little omnivores with a diet that consists of mostly aquatic vegetation, frogs (yes, frogs!), fish eggs and larvae.

Goldfish that are domesticated do well with a diet of pellet food paired with live food to help with their intestinal movement.

  • 「魚餓不死,會撐死」


  • They Mean Friendship!

Giving goldfish to someone is a sign of friendship. In some cultures, a goldfish and/or coy fish is a coveted species that mean prosperity and wealth! They are also relatively easy to keep, making them great for kids and adults!

Keeping goldfish in the house in some cultures is good feng shui, bring more luck into your home. This is why goldfish make excellent gifts, they present bringing prosperity to the home of the recipient.

  • 金魚象徵的意義



  • They Can Get Pretty Big

You might have thought these are small fish that can get quite plump. Their bulging eyes and head must account for some of their weight too. However, the largest goldfish was as large as a cat! Regular goldfish sizes are around 8-10 inches, so you can imagine how amazing that must be.

Since they symbolize wealth and luck, we assume the bigger the fish, the more luck you get. To grow large goldfish in a small pond, you should pay attention to two things: food and water temperature. They are tropical fish, so warmer temperatures stimulate their growth.

  • 金魚可以比你想像中更大條

金魚會根據季節、個體差異等因素,而令魚的大小有差異。最小到最大的尺寸,差距真的可以很大。最小的尺寸大約2 – 4公分,一般的小型魚則大概8 – 13公分左右。而比較稀有的大魚,長度可以有17公分。

  • They aren’t as Quiet as You Think

These little golden fish are actually quite vocal. They communicate their contentment and other emotions through subtle grunts, purrs, snorts, hoots and hums. This is heard when they’re eating too!

A big reason why goldfish do this is to communicate. Much like you and me we use our vocal chords to talk and your goldfish does so with these cute noises.

  • 金魚也會發聲


  • There are Many Types

There are hundreds of species of goldfish. Every different bulge, fin shape, color and pair of eyes can mean a different species. Of course, some are more well-known and some are just plain weird-looking.

It is widely agreed that though there are hundreds of different kinds, they fall into 5 different categories.

  • 400多種金魚被分成這5個品類!


  • The Males Impress the Females

Have you seen goldfish (or maybe even perhaps your own) develop spots around breeding time? These decorations on their gills are referred to as “breeding stars”. This happens at sexual maturity and it really impresses the ladies!

We believe the more the male grows and the more elaborate he looks, the more handsome he is considered in the fish community. Check out how handsome your goldfish are during mating season.

  • 金魚開始求愛行動的前兆
  • 金魚在求愛行動開始前會有所徵兆,到了求愛的季節,雄性金魚從魚鰓上側到眼睛周圍、或者是在胸鰭的周圍會出現白色的斑點,這就是所謂的「追星」。追星基本上是在求愛行動開始時出現的,不過有的金魚一年到頭都有追星存在,根據個體不同略有差異。需要注意的是,看上去跟白點病有點類似,需要注意判別。追星出現之後我們就能夠看到金魚的求愛行動了,雄性金魚開始猛烈的來回追逐雌性金魚,在產卵口附近動來動去進行交尾。
  • Their Eyes are Always Open

They take keeping one eye open to a whole new level. First of all, they always have two eyes open, and that’s because they don’t have eyelids! Secondly, even when they are exhausted their eyes remain open. They might look kind of creepy floating there in a trance-like state.

  • 金魚會眨眼嗎?

金魚不會眨眼,因為它沒有眼瞼 (眼皮)。眼瞼最主要的功能就是保持眼球濕潤。金魚生活在水裏,眼球本來就處在濕潤的環境中,所以不需要眼瞼。不僅金魚沒有眼睛,幾乎所有的魚都沒有眼瞼。所以幾乎所有魚類都不能眨眼,更不能閉眼。但是魚也需要睡覺,所以只能睜着眼睛睡覺了。

  • They See More Colors

I guess their bulging eyes have a good use after all! Goldfish can see a broader color spectrum than we can. In other words, these creatures see more colors and have a brighter and more vivid world.

Our eyes see combinations of 3 primary colors while goldfish can see 4 (the extra one being ultra-violet). There is a reason for this, as they can see in the water better with it.

Yes, they can see more colors but their eyesight is no match for ours! The placement of their eyes (on either side) makes for a blind spot right in front of them. That’s not practical at all.

  • 聽說金魚能夠看到人類看不到的東西!

金魚可以說是動物當中視力最好的物種了。金魚能夠看到大多數動物都看不到的紫外線。相信不少人都經歷過當你想偷拍金魚, 準備對焦時, 金魚突然跑掉,其實不是你不夠小心,而是金魚視力太強大了。當相機自動對焦時會發射出紫外線,我們人類的視力是看不到的,而金魚卻能準確的接收到,被突然出現的紫外線驚擾,它們要麼一下子跑掉了,要麼突然換成自衛姿勢。